“I would like the musical meditations ‘I am the Word’ to take place in my temples.

Many people abandon faith in Me and begin to think that My Father’s House is in nature and it is enough to love and glorify the Creator only in the heart, and they do not need My Church. Whoever listens to my voice gets to know Me, and whoever gets to know Me, his heart begins to long for an encounter with Me, and this encounter is the Eucharist. Therefore, whoever has already known Me wants to grow in My Church and transform its face with his love. But whoever follows the world begins to doubt that I AM and in his confusion he does not know where the House of the Lord is. I would also like music and prayer meetings to take place in music halls and in various places on stages, so that people who do not come to meet Me and those who have already forgotten about my existence hear my voice and turn back on their way to my Church”.

Warszawa 29 June, 19:30

Place:Church of St. Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle in Warsaw

The first part of the Musical Meditation I am the Word. During the Musical Meditation, in an atmosphere of concentration and meditation, you will be able to hear the Word and music played live on the piano.

Władysławowo 1, 3, 5, 8, 9 July, 20:00

Place:Church of St. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Władysławowo

The first part of the Musical Meditation I am the Word. During the Musical Meditation, in an atmosphere of concentration and meditation, you will be able to hear the Word and music played live on the piano.

Is the person composing the music present during musical meditations?
The person composing the music will not be present at musical meditations either in churches or in music halls. Composed pieces are performed during live music meetings by musicians employed by the Foundation.

A quote from a spiritual journal
"I would like you not to come to the 'I am the Word' musical events, organized either in halls or in churches. This work is my word, not yours. It's the same with music. If you were present at musical meditations, you would be accompanied by epic, and epic is the entrance to pride. You will boast in what you hear, and your heart must always be turned towards Me, and not towards worldly things. Therefore, you are prohibited from being a listener or participant in all these events. This situation can be compared to the director of a theater play who devoted his entire life to developing a given play and never saw it on stage. But ask yourself: who is the director of all this in "I am the Word?"
Does the person composing music receive remuneration for the songs he or she composes?
The person composing the music does not receive any remuneration for composing the songs. She transferred all copyrights to the music to the Foundation and does not and will never receive any remuneration for this.

A quote from a spiritual journal
“Who do you serve? To the Lord who is in heaven, or to yourself? I am the giver of everything and there is nothing that does not belong to me. However, I am the Lord of love and I give you freedom to choose: do you give your life to Me or do you live for yourself? I am asking you to give me your musical talent. You received it freely, so use it for my glory. Never receive any salary, but donate everything to building the kingdom of God. Trust Me in that I lead you and I create through you. The less of you there is in this music, the more it will show My glory. However, if you do not follow Me and leave it for yourself and your own purposes, then you will worship the world and not the living God. I am the Lord who uses the skills of his servants in a good way, so give Me your talent and you will see that you cannot create anything on your own. My Father is the only Creator and what is created belongs to him, so either you will use it to sanctify yourself and praise God, or they will praise you and make an idol out of you. Either you follow Me and will be saved, or you will remain alone and your heart will rot through the glory not of a living heart, but of your own.”

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