„In addition to hearing my voice, you have also been given the gift of composing music, to reveal the glory of my Father who is in heaven

Here also I am asking you to remain anonymous, because this is the music that is given to you by the Lord, so it is not created by you.

Remember that it is given only to you, so have a pure heart to be able to receive it and show the glory of the kingdom of heaven. Just as many people pray and ask for inspiration to the evil spirit to make them famous in this world, pray to the Holy Spirit to receive the grace that will show that I AM.

You will not receive glory from men, but from the Father who is in heaven, and only when the end of your life comes will it be possible to discover the name of the person to whom these words are addressed.
I ask you to compose music to the written fragments of the Holy Scripture. Don’t be afraid that you won’t receive inspiration because this music is already prepared and you just need to have a pure heart to receive it. Don’t worry that you don’t know the notes and have no musical education, because the most important thing is to show what is in your heart.
TOnly you know the spiritual suffering you have to experience in relation to the gifts you have received, so trust in my Father’s plan and remember that in order to convey in music the events that took place in the Gospel, you must experience and live them yourself.
Are you afraid you won't be able to do it? Do you think this is too much?

Do not be afraid!
I tell you that there will be a person who will be able to save the music you have recorded in the form of notes so that it will also serve others.

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All publications have the imprimatur of the Catholic Church. The book uses text from “Biblia Tysiąclecia” (The Millennium Bible), 5th edition.


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