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Letters of blessing

Stanisław Gądecki | Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznań
"I hope that the book will be well received by the Readers, and that the work undertaken by the Foundation will bring blessed fruits." See the whole letter
Cardinal Grzegorz Ryś | Metropolitan Archbishop of Łódź
"I sincerely congratulate you on this position, send you my warmest regards and wish God's abundance of blessings".
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What is the idea of ‘I am the Word’?
When answering this question, it is best to use a fragment of the words written by the author over several years in his ‘spiritual diary’.

Quote 1
‘Remain in Me and do not be afraid. Not everyone has to believe these written words, because this is your private experience. On the one hand, people will question it, and on the other hand, they will say that it is nothing new. These words will never be something new, because the Gospel is the fullness of revelation and nothing more will be added. However, I came to you with my Word so that people could experience that the Gospel is the truth and that I live in the Church, and this is the way to a man's salvation.’

Quote 2
‘The words you write down are not words that just sound wise, but the living voice of the Son of God. These words are the truth, and the truth cannot harm anyone, so whoever does not recognize it should not persecute it. ‘I am the Word’ is a gift to the Church and its purpose is to testify that I am the Word and that in the Gospel and in the Church there is truth, the truth that will lead you to eternal life.’
Why is the author anonymous?
The author's anonymity results from the words written in the ‘spiritual diary’. The author is a lay person and leads an ordinary professional and family life. This person does not belong to the Foundation and has renounced all rights to the written words and composed music. The author devotes many hours to writing down the Word and composing music, without receiving remuneration for it. During the author's lifetime, the Foundation will never publish information about the author, nor will it comment on any rumours.
Quotes from the spiritual journal:

Quote 1
‘I wish you would never publicly admit that you are the author of this work. How can my Word be yours when it comes from my Father?’

Quote 2
‘Everyone who reads this will think of the fruit – that is, Me. Only after your death will it be possible to discover who is the vine that brings your Lord.’

Quote 3
‘This work is my Word and is written by Me. I am the author, I am the pen and I am the ink. You are merely the paper and the material through which my word can be revealed. No one worships the materials of books, but rather their authors. So it is in this case, but remember that this is the best path to your happiness.’
Who is the author's spiritual guide?
The author's spiritual guide is a Franciscan friar who also decided to remain publicly anonymous. The author's obedience to his spiritual guide and the Church is crucial to this work. Quotes from the spiritual journal:

Quote 1
‘So abide in Me, submit yourself to the assessment of your spiritual guide and do exactly as he tells you, because it is not by writing down this work that you will be saved, but by humility and obedience in the Church.’

Quote 2
‘Only by being obedient in your spirituality will you find the truth. I am in you, obedient to your spiritual guide, because I also guide him, and he is obedient to Me. Always ask for his permission if you see that I am requiring something new from you. Even if your spiritual guide's opinion does not always align with My voice, listen to him. I humble Myself in you with humility, and you should also give glory to this. Know that I live in everyone and can accomplish anything. Remember to always trust the teachings of the Church and the Gospel more than your inner voice.’
Does the author have a degree in music, theology or humanities?
The author has received a university degree, but none of the above- mentioned. He has a scientific mind and is developing his professional path in a completely different direction.
How is the word written down?
The way the word is written down is different from the stereotypical view of it. During the first years, it was happening during adoration in the chapel, then during private prayer. For the first years, the author wrote down the word himself, but later he began to dictate what he heard in his heart, in the presence of another person. The author does not hear the words externally, but they materialise in his heart. He cannot dictate the next word until he utters the exact one he heard earlier. While writing it down, he does not know the meaning and message of the passage and parable. This spiritual experience is a mystery for the author himself, and it is very difficult to describe on what level exactly it takes place.

Quote 1
‘I want people to focus on Me, not on you, not to wonder how it is possible for you to receive My word. If you don't understand it, how is another person supposed to understand it?’
For what purpose was the Foundation established?
“I am the Word” is an evangelistic work, and the Foundation, which is composed of lay people, was established for this purpose. Its mission is to provide the widest possible access to content in the form of books, e-books and recordings with voiceover, made available on social media platforms. All activities of the Foundation are always undertaken in obedience to the Roman Catholic Church. Neither the author nor the Foundation's board of directors receive any remuneration.
How many books have already been written?
There are currently 6 books written: all four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles and the Psalms. Before publication, they go through the process of receiving an imprimatur. The Foundation does not publish any content that has not received the bishop's consent for publication. It is not known how many more books will be written by the author.
How is music composed?
Since the author doesn't know the notes and can't write them down, the musical pieces are recorded by him, and then professional pianists write them down in notes. Ultimately, the author is to compose a separate musical piece for each written piece. The method of composition, just like the writing of ‘I am the Word’, differs from traditional music creation. The author prays and meditates on a given passage of God's word beforehand. He tries to convey in music the events that took place in a given passage of the Holy Scripture and adjust them to complement the written commentary.

Quote from the spiritual journal:
Quote 1
‘I ask you to compose music to the written passages of the Holy Scripture. Don't be afraid that you won't receive inspiration, because this music is already prepared and you just need to have a pure heart to receive it. Don't worry that you don't know the notes and have no musical education, because the most important thing is to show what is in your heart.’
Has the author undergone psychological and psychiatric examinations?
Yes, the author underwent the MMPI-2 examination, which did not reveal any mental disorders.
The MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) tool is commonly used by psychiatric and psychological specialists for a comprehensive analysis of the mental state of the examined person, including the identification of symptoms of depression, anxiety, hypochondria and personality disorders. However, its use is not limited to professionals working in the field of mental health. The MMPI-2 test is also used in the judicial context to assess the mental state of defendants.
Is "I am the Word" associated with any religious order?
The author is a lay person and does not belong to any religious order. "I am the Word" is not associated with only one particular order. The book is printed by the Pallottine order, the author's spiritual guide is a Franciscan father, and the place where it all began is the Dominican order. The imprimatur, on the other hand, was issued by the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Poznan.
Are the Miejsce Słowa and "I am the Word" foundations connected?
The foundations, although they operate as independent works, are united by a common source and mission - preaching the Gospel and encouraging people to read the Holy Scriptures on their own.

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